171 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Phoenix616 690e1892fa
Update repositories to use SSL 7 months ago
  Phoenix616 a2e0991aba
Add config option to toggling including sender UUIDs in messages 7 months ago
  Phoenix616 d812cf5b7b
Better handle channel message format replacements 1 year ago
  Phoenix616 878e263d27
Replace prefix/suffix components after parsing 1 year ago
  Phoenix616 8f4b306c82
Fix hex color channel colors not working properly 1 year ago
  Phoenix616 90bad062e4
Update MineDown 1 year ago
  Phoenix616 ca0ac15b8d
Update minedown to allow insertion usage for player names 1 year ago
  Phoenix616 37b9fa9f2c
Warning if trying to contact player that has disabled chat in the client 1 year ago
  Phoenix616 4400fa7a83
Remove deprecated ChannelsChatEvent 1 year ago
  Phoenix616 7b838be594
Add ignore bypass permission and support for client-side ignores 1 year ago
  Phoenix616 f7d3d7ed92
Add RGB color support 1 year ago
  Max Lee 1893500667 Update MineDown 2 years ago
  Max Lee adf8b7af58 Fix possible NPE when player server is null for some reason 2 years ago
  Max Lee 8459aa7733 Add permission to bypass dnd 2 years ago
  Max Lee 20f0aed8a8 Update to LuckPerms v5 API 2 years ago
  Max Lee 759e478fd6 Send chat messages with chat message type, also update dependencies 2 years ago
  Max Lee f3e02c5d37 Improve events and add BTLP variables 3 years ago
  Max Lee d30f3c47e1 Fix formatting 3 years ago
  Max Lee bbbaad119c Add config option to toggle hiding of vanished players 4 years ago
  Max Lee d14eebcc3d Fix channel config 4 years ago
  Max Lee 55d3e424d1 Add command to reload the plugin 4 years ago
  Max Lee f454099d1f Fix private message compiling and simplify MineDown usage 4 years ago
  Max Lee 1798634d80 Fix issues with URLs not being clickable and more MineDown permissions 4 years ago
  Max Lee 9be9770238 Use correct placeholder spelling 4 years ago
  Max Lee 5ccffd362e Make console messages use normal format and allow new lines in format 4 years ago
  Max Lee 1787c64d6e Permission is always empty as we check that manually 4 years ago
  Max Lee 31a164a047 Fix aliases and cleanup code 4 years ago
  Max Lee 6c1fc5ebea Add command to set the channel format 4 years ago
  Max Lee b171a39540 Add MineDown support 4 years ago
  Max Lee 2feef09e7e Update to LuckPerms API 4.0 4 years ago
  Max Lee 92d8dd00a6 More default config fixes 5 years ago
  Max Lee 7818acb1c3 Fix indentation 5 years ago
  Max Lee 6b22b123c7 Create default language config file depending on the language setting 5 years ago
  Max Lee 17b45aa138 Add server independent channel auto focus ability 5 years ago
  Max Lee 1669e73262 Fix German language config 5 years ago
  Max Lee 6d1acae266 Add permission to bypass default server channel forcing 5 years ago
  Max Lee e09ed76092 Add German language file 5 years ago
  Max Lee cee33770cd User ampersands instead of section signs for colors 5 years ago
  Max Lee d4c097d911 Add setRawMessage to Message interface 5 years ago
  Max Lee 7423cb2c6e Move setRawMessage to AbstractMessage 5 years ago
  Max Lee 33f9401e3c Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' 5 years ago
  Max Lee 0e0df53dac Only tab complete sub commands if the command is actually the main one 5 years ago
  Apfelcreme c8af523e9a allow to change the rawmessage when catching a chatmessageevent 5 years ago
  Max Lee 50a99803ca Translate chat colors in prefix/suffix 5 years ago
  Max Lee 9c30b9a6ac Add some info about found soft dependencies 5 years ago
  Max Lee c8a6fbbcc1 Fix prefix/suffix check 5 years ago
  Max Lee a3e2d44fcb Update LuckPerms API to 3.0 and use recommended methods to access MetaData 5 years ago
  Max Lee 63de8a452f Last receipt is not stored beyond logout 5 years ago
  Max Lee ab3fc1d0da If the player is online get his name directly 5 years ago
  Max Lee 499df9ecf1 Directly use the player object to get the chatter 5 years ago